Sébastien Carréno, Principal Investigator at the IRIC within the Cellular mechanisms of morphogenesis during mitosis and cell motility research unit, has been appointed the Institute’s Director of Academic Affairs.

Mr. Carréno is also an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology of the Université de Montréal.

For the past nine years, Professor Carréno has been a member of the Institute’s Academic Affairs Committee where he has shown great interest in the training of our students.

Professor Carréno will develop strategies and approaches required to continue to provide high-quality mentorship for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at the Institute. He will be able to count on the support of a strong team that includes Julie Mantovani, who was recently appointed Chief, Academic Affairs, coordinator Valérie DeRop and technician Pascale Le Thérizien, who provide students with optimal mentoring and support all the way along their academic path at the IRIC.

“We are convinced that Pr. Carréno will rise to this very important challenge for the future of research”, said Michel Bouvier, Chief Executive Officer of the IRIC.


The Management Team wishes to wholeheartedly thank Pr. Martine Raymond, who has done an outstanding job leading the IRIC’s Academic Affairs since 2006 and who made the training program a real jewel for the IRIC and a major focal point for the scientists of tomorrow. As a result of the unique and multidisciplinary training program offered at the IRIC, which combines technical and practical learning, students explore various academic possibilities.