Structural biology generates new insights into leukemogenesis: recent publication from Matthew Smith in Nature Communications

The research team of Professor Matthew J. Smith, a young Principal Investigator at the IRIC who specializes in signalling and structural biology, recently elucidated a molecular mechanism underlying certain leukemias. Their recent publication in the journal Nature Communications, in collaboration with research teams in Toronto and the team of Trang Hoang at the IRIC, explains […]

Article from the Perreault lab in Cell Reports: to better understand the thymus, the immune system’s brain

Why does the thymus ages faster than other organs? Important advance in the prevention of aging of the thymus: summary of the article from the Perreault lab in Cell Reports The team of Dr. Claude Perreault, Principal Investigator and Director of the Immunobiology Research Unit at the IRIC, co-published an article in the scientific journal […]

The bitter-sweet truth: eIF4E sugar coats cancer cells… ready to metastasize?

The team of Professor Katherine Borden of IRIC, in collaboration with researchers from the Segal Cancer Centre of the Montréal Jewish General Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA, published a study in the scientific journal eLife describing how the eIF4E protein can alter the surface of cells to promote cancer development. This protein, overabundant […]

The dancing enzymes that trigger cell division

The group headed by Vincent Archambault at IRIC has made an important discovery about cell division that has just been published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications. Cell division is a fascinating process. It is controlled by molecular mechanisms involving proteins that have been largely conserved between species through evolution. The Archambault lab uses the […]

Reappointment to the IRIC’s board of directors

The IRIC is proud to announce the reappointment of Ms. Marie-Josée Coutu, President of the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation, as a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors. It is Ms. Coutu 4th mandate on the Board. Her two-year mandate will officially begin on December, 15, 2017. Ms. Coutu is also on the Board […]

A new piece in the puzzle of RAF activation

The research team led by Professor Marc Therrien, Scientific Director of the IRIC and Principal Investigator at the Institute just published an article in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Communications, regarding the mechanisms of activation of the oncoprotein RAF. The new data obtained by the IRIC researchers on this important cellular regulator will help guide […]

Michel Bouvier, Chief Executive Officer of the IRIC, will receive the prestigious 2017 Prix du Québec Wilder-Penfield

Montreal, October 30, 2017 –The Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the Université de Montréal is proud to announce that its Chief Executive Officer, Michel Bouvier, will be awarded the prestigious prix Wilder-Penfield. The honor is one of the six handed out annually as part of the Prix du Québec, the highest […]

First call for proposals of the Oncopole – ONCOPOLE EMC2: Équipes multi-institutionnelles contre le cancer (multi-institutional teams against cancer)

Call for proposals               ONCOPOLE EMC2: Équipes multi-institutionnelles contre le cancer (multi-institutional teams against cancer)                 The Oncopole, in partnership with the FRQS, is pleased to announce the launch of its first Call for proposals. This competition aims to support collaborative and structuring research projects that will build on Québec’s expertise and strengths in oncology. By fostering […]

Renewal of Marc Therrien’s mandate as Scientific Director of the IRIC

Following a meeting of the Executive Committee, on October 10th, the Université de Montréal confirmed the extension of Marc Therrien’s mandate as Scientific Director of the IRIC for a second period of four years.  Marc Therrien is a Principal Investigator at the IRIC within the Intracellular Signalling research unit and Professor, Department of Pathology and […]

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