IRIC discoveries have spurred major advances in understanding the development of cancer and opened the way to the creation of new, more targeted therapeutic solutions. Its publications are a reflection of these accomplishments. They also demonstrate the Institute’s drive and productivity.



Noncoding regions are the main source of targetable tumor-specific antigens.Laumont CM, Vincent K, Hesnard L, Audemard É, Bonneil É, Laverdure JP, Gendron P, Courcelles M, Hardy MP, Côté C, Durette C, St-Pierre C, Benhammadi M, Lanoix J, Vobecky S, Haddad E, Lemieux S, Thibault P, Perreault CSci Transl Med 2018-12-05;10(470).

FZD is a Gα-coupled receptor that exhibits the functional hallmarks of prototypical GPCRs.Wright SC, Cañizal MCA, Benkel T, Simon K, Le Gouill C, Matricon P, Namkung Y, Lukasheva V, König GM, Laporte SA, Carlsson J, Kostenis E, Bouvier M, Schulte G, Hoffmann CSci Signal 2018-12-04;11(559).

Functional selectivity profiling of the angiotensin II type 1 receptor using pathway-wide BRET signaling sensors.Namkung Y, LeGouill C, Kumar S, Cao Y, Teixeira LB, Lukasheva V, Giubilaro J, Simões SC, Longpré JM, Devost D, Hébert TE, Piñeyro G, Leduc R, Costa-Neto CM, Bouvier M, Laporte SASci Signal 2018-12-04;11(559).

PP2A-B55 promotes nuclear envelope reformation after mitosis in .Mehsen H, Boudreau V, Garrido D, Bourouh M, Larouche M, Maddox PS, Swan A, Archambault VJ. Cell Biol. 2018-12-03;217(12):4106-4123.

Evidence for a role of spindle matrix formation in cell cycle progression by antibody perturbation.Yao C, Wang C, Li Y, Zavortink M, Archambault V, Girton J, Johansen KM, Johansen JPLoS ONE 2018-11-28;13(11):e0208022.

Dynamic phosphoproteomics uncovers signaling pathways modulated by anti-neoplastic sphingolipid analogs.Kubiniok P, Finicle BT, Piffaretti F, McCracken AN, Perryman M, Hanessian S, Edinger AL, Thibault PMol. Cell Proteomics 2018-11-27.

Targeting EIF4E signaling with ribavirin in infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia.Urtishak KA, Wang LS, Culjkovic-Kraljacic B, Davenport JW, Porazzi P, Vincent TL, Teachey DT, Tasian SK, Moore JS, Seif AE, Jin S, Barrett JS, Robinson BW, Chen IL, Harvey RC, Carroll MP, Carroll AJ, Heerema NA, Devidas M, Dreyer ZE, Hilden JM, Hunger SP, Willman CL, Borden KLB, Felix CAOncogene 2018-11-26.

The BioGRID interaction database: 2019 update.Oughtred R, Stark C, Breitkreutz BJ, Rust J, Boucher L, Chang C, Kolas N, O'Donnell L, Leung G, McAdam R, Zhang F, Dolma S, Willems A, Coulombe-Huntington J, Chatr-Aryamontri A, Dolinski K, Tyers MNucleic Acids Res. 2018-11-24.

Overcoming Drug Resistance through the Development of Selective Inhibitors of UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase Enzymes.Osborne MJ, Coutinho de Oliveira L, Volpon L, Zahreddine HA, Borden KLBJ. Mol. Biol. 2018-11-11.

The Impact of Post-transcriptional Control: Better Living Through RNA Regulons.Culjkovic-Kraljacic B, Borden KLBFront Genet 2018-11-05;9:512.

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