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Publication — IRIC

Silicone particles in capsules around breast implants: Establishment of a new pathological methodology to assess the number of particles around breast implants.

The presence of silicone particles in breast implant capsules has been observed since the 1970s. Since then, little data has been published regarding the amount of silicone that is susceptible to migrate into the capsule. Quantifying the amount of silicone migration from the implant to the capsule could inform on the level of silicone exposure a patient with breast implants may experience in the short- or long-term. The objective of this study is to present a histological quantification methodology of the number of silicone particles present in breast implant capsules.

Publication date
January 1, 2023
Principal Investigators
Dziubek M, Laurent R, Bonapace-Potvin M, Gaboury L, Danino MA
PubMed reference
Ann Chir Plast Esthet 2023;68(1):19-25
PubMed ID
Department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, University of Montreal Hospital Center (CHUM), 1000, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec H2X 0C1, Canada.