IRIC student association (AEIRIC)

The IRIC Student Association (AEIRIC) represents the interests of graduate students, postdocs and interns at the Institute. Members of AEIRIC are actively involved in the development of IRIC programs and projects, and contribute to the student experience by organizing various academic, scientific and social activities. They foster a sense of community and provide numerous opportunities for socializing with other graduate students, postdocs, and other IRIC members.

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Members of AEIRIC 2017-2018

From left to right : Marjorie Lapouge, Thomas Milan, Myreille Larouche, Layane Duarte, Blandine Monjarret, Yahya Benslimane, Rébecca Panès, Jordan Quenneville, and Audrey Herrmann. Not present : Amir Medjtoh

  • President: Blandine Monjarret (Major and Mader Labs)
  • Secretary: Rébecca Panès (GagnonLab)
  • Treasurer: Myreille Larouche (Archambault Lab)
  • Social Life Representative: Layane Duarte and Amir Medjtoh (Gaboury & Bouvier Labs)
  • Academic Affairs Representative: Yahya Benslimane (Harrington Lab)
  • Student Recruitment Representative: Marjorie Lapouge (Meloche Lab)
  • Scientific Affairs Representative: Thomas Milan (Wilhelm Lab)
  • Internal Affairs Representative: Audrey Herrmann (Labbé Lab)
  • Summer School Representative: Jordan Quenneville (Gagnon Lab)

Past AEIRIC members

2016-2017 AEIRIC

Members of AEIRIC 2016-2017:

  • President: Eric Vaillancourt-Jean (Meloche Lab)
  • Secretary: Olivier Mailhot (Major Lab)
  • Treasurer: Myreille Larouche (Archambault Lab)
  • Social Life Representatives:  Nicholas Iannantuono and Amir Medjtoh (Emery & Bouvier Labs)
  • Academic Affairs Representative: Yahya Benslimane (Harrington Lab)
  • Student Recruitment Representative: Sara Marullo (Therrien Lab)
  • Scientific Affairs Representative: Audrey Connolly (Gagnon Lab)
  • Internal Affairs Representative: Rébecca Panès (Gagnon Lab)
  • Professional Workshop Representative: Jessica Gagnon (Therrien Lab)
  • Summer School Representative: Camille Simon (Lessard & Sauvageau Labs)
2015-2016 AERIC

Members of AERIC 2015-2016:


From left to right: Eric Vaillancourt-Jean, Hervé Gerbe, Audrey Connolly, Samuel Jacques, Myreille Larouche, Maude Dumont-Lagacé, Kenza Garreau, Ryan Pinkham, Hillary Pearson (Absent: Simon Mathien)

  • President: Eric Vaillancourt-Jean (Meloche lab)
  • Secretary: Mireille Larouche (Archambault lab)
  • Treasurer: Hervé Gerbe (Perreault & Gagnon labs)
  • Social Life Representative: Samuel Jacques (Tyers lab), Kenza Garreau (Carréno & Emery labs)
  • Academic Affairs Representative: Audrey Connolly (Gagnon lab)
  • Student Recruitment Representative: Ryan Pinkham (Lessard & Sauvageau labs)
  • Scientific Affairs Representative: Hillary Pearson (Perreault lab)
  • Internal Affairs Representative: Maude Dumont-Lagacé (Perreault lab)
  • Summer School Representative: Simon Mathien (Meloche lab)
2014-2015 AEIRIC

Members of the 2014-2015 AEIRIC:

De gauche à droite : Catherine Descoteaux, Simon Mathien, Magalie Celton, Camille Simon, Laura Rivest-Khan, Shaima Al-Khabouri, Maude Dumont-Lagacé, Éric Jean Vaillancourt

From Left to right: Catherine Descoteaux, Simon Mathien, Magalie Celton, Camille Simon, Laura Rivest-Khan, Shaima Al-Khabouri, Maude Dumont-Lagacé, Éric Jean Vaillancourt

  • President: Maude Dumont-Lagacé (Perreault’s lab)
  • Secretary: Simon Mathien (Meloche’s lab)
  • Treasurer: Catherine Descoteaux (Labbé’s lab)
  • Social Life Representative: Magalie Celton (Wilhelm’s Lab) and Shaima Al-Khabouri (Tyers’ lab)
  • Academic Affairs Representative: Camille Simon (Sauvageau’s lab)
  • Student Recruitment Representative: Éric Jean Vaillancourt (Meloche’s lab)
  • Scientific Affairs Representative: Laura Rivest-Khan (Sauvageau’s lab)
  • Internal Affairs Representative: Magalie Tardif (Hoang’s lab)
  • Summer School Representative: Karine Bourdages (Tyers’ lab)
2013-2014 AEIRIC

Members of the 2013-2014 AEIRIC :


AEIRIC 2013-2014

From left to right: Karine Bourdages, Nicolas Tremblay, Maude Dumont-Lagacé, Magalie Celton, Wayne Stallaert, Catherine Descoteaux, Dariel Ashton-Beaucage, Céline Laumont, Julien Patenaude, Salwa Es-Saad, Camille Simon, Carl Laflamme, Rana Amini, David Grote, Aline Khayat, Francis Lussier, Nelly Gaubert, Peng Wang.

  • President: Céline Laumont
  • Treasurer: Catherine Descoteaux
  • Secretary: Nelly Gaubert
  • Social Life: Shaima Al-Khabouri, Magalie Celton
  • Communications: Maude Dumont-Lagacé

The AEIRIC is also responsible for planning and organizing special events throughout the year:

  • 2014 Workshop Committee: Aline Khayat, Maude Dumont-Lagacé, Camille Simon, David Grote, Francis Lussier, Valérie de Rop, Peng Wang, Céline Laumont
  • 2015 Symposium Committee: Carl Laflamme, Nicolas Tremblay, Gloria Assaker, Alexia Rabilotta-Faure, Sarah Tsao, Rahul Ghugari, Céline Laumont, David Grote, Shaima Al-Khabouri, Anders Ostlund, Rana Amini
  • Tutoring Committee: Carl Laflamme, Alexia Rabilotta-Faure
  • Sporting Life Committee: Karine Bourdages, Shaima Al-Khabouri, Julien Patenaude
  • Helpers: Jérôme Roger, Salwa Es-Saad, Wayne Stallaert, Bernhard Lehnertz, José-Carlos Zeledon-Orellana, Dariel Ashton-Beaucage
2012-2013 AEIRIC

Members of the 2012-2013 AEIRIC:


  • President: Carl Laflamme
  • Treasurer: Marie Cargnello
  • Internal Affairs: Rana Amini
  • External Affairs: Dariel Ashton-Beaucage
  • Academic Affairs: Wayne Stallaert, Vincent Boudreau
  • Communications: Gloria Assaker
  • Social Life: Alexia Rabilotta-Faure, Carlos Patino-Descovich, Julien Patenaude
  • Special Projects: David Grote, Camille Simon, Magalie Celton
2011-2012 AEIRIC

Members of the 2011-2012 AEIRIC:


  • President: Wayne Stallaert
  • Secretary: Vanessa Laflamme
  • Treasurer: Marie Cargnello
  • Internal Affairs: Rana Amini
  • Academic Affairs: Farah Dandachi, Thierry Tremblay-Boudreault
  • External Communications: Dariel Ashton-Beaucage, Carl Laflamme
  • Social Life: Alexia Rabilotta-Faure, Carlos Andrès Patino, Rami Haddad

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