B2Discovery (B2D) is a new research funding model that brings together the private sector and the biomedical research community to help accelerate the discovery of new anti-cancer therapeutics. Our mission is to bring entrepreneurs together with IRIC investigators to finance novel and promising research projects not currently funded by public granting agencies.

Once these projects reach a more advanced stage with higher chances of success, they can be financed by traditional granting agencies. B2D acts like a spark plug by creating a leverage effect and paving the way to discovering novel therapies to fight cancer.

Daring to innovate

To win the fight against cancer, we must develop new, more effective drugs. And to do so, we must dare to innovate from the very beginning of the discovery chain.

IRIC’s objective is to develop new, more effective therapies to fight cancer. The Institute takes an innovative approach by initiating projects that are high-risk but that hold significant potential for the discovery of new drugs. Unfortunately, it is difficult to secure funding for such high-risk/high-impact projects from granting agencies.

 “The country’s existing funding model meets only part of the needs of our researchers. B2Discovery aims to fill the gap by involving the business community. We believe that business leaders can play a key role in facilitating the discovery of new anti-cancer drugs. In supporting IRIC’s elite investigators, they will be closely involved in discoveries that will have an impact on the fight against cancer and on the health of patients.”

Dr. Guy Sauvageau, IRIC Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director.

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