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Cancer is the leading cause of death in the country. To vanquish this plague, we have to be rigorous and innovative in our research. B2Discovery was created to bring together the worlds of business and research to increase our chances of defeating the disease. We believe it is a winning formula for all. Our researchers will benefit greatly from additional financial support from donors of B2Discovery.

We also believe that entrepreneurs have much to gain from their partnership with B2Discovery. It is an opportunity for them to participate in innovative and high-impact projects, to meet with leading investigators in the field and to make a significant and timely contribution to the fight against cancer.

The annual funding requirements for our projects via B2Discovery amount to $500,000. For every $25,000 invested in B2Discovery’s projects, government granting agencies add more than $150,000 – that is 6-to-1 leverage!

Since the launch of the program, we have received $750,000 in donations.

Altogether 16 projects have been funded with the help of B2Discovery and IRICoR. Although our program has been in operation for only 2 years, we may already say that anticancer agents will be created largely due to the strategic support from our B2Discovery partners. Three of these projects will enter a clinical trial phase in the coming months. It means we are getting closer to provide treatment to patients!

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