B2Discovery is modelled after B2ten, a private sector initiative led by business leaders to assist Canadian amateur athletes in achieving excellence. The program contributed to the success of several Canadian athletes at the 2010 Vancouver Winter, including gold and silver medalists Alexandre Bilodeau and Jennifer Heil. B2Discovery aims to help IRIC scientists reach their goal of conquering cancer by providing them with additional financial support.

Our researchers share similar qualities with Olympians: they are resolved, disciplined and driven. With this in mind, we were inspired to provide the most competitive support there is for our passionate researchers in a similar way as athletes. We therefore contacted B2Ten founders JD Miller, Dominic Gauthier and Jennifer Heil to look into their successful organization and develop B2Discovery.

Olympians Jennifer Heil & Alexandre Bilodeau in the lab of IRIC researcher Brian Wilhelm.


“I’m very pleased to see that the model developed by B2ten can assist IRIC researchers. Athletes and researchers share many qualities: the pursuit of excellence, discipline, and perseverance. We also share the need for proper support to allow us to reach our goals. Just as it did with B2ten, business support can make a real difference in fueling the cure for cancer”.

Jennifer Heil, 2006 Olympic gold medalist and 2010 Olympic silver medalist.



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