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In 2009, IRIC introduced an innovative solution to fund its high-risk/high-impact projects, or as we call them strategic research projects. The Institute has established Strategic Projects Committee (SPC). Comprised of 5 senior researchers, the SPC identifies promising projects that can receive financial support by B2Discovery. The rigorous selection process is based mainly on 2 criteria: merit and originality. Also favored are projects that are consistent with IRIC’s strategic research in terms of validating the technologies used and contributing to the program of several other teams. A project’s medium- or long-term clinical or commercial impact is also considered.

“The country’s existing funding model meets only part of the needs of our researchers,” explains Dr. Guy Sauvageau, Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director of IRIC. B2Discovery aims to fill the gap by involving the business community. We believe that business leaders can play a key role in facilitating the discovery of new anti-cancer drugs. In supporting IRIC’s elite investigators, entrepreneurs will be closely involved in discoveries that will have an impact on the fight against cancer and on the health of patients.”

B2Discovery supports research projects in the three following areas:

  • identifying the causes of cancer
  • improving diagnostics
  • developing cancer prevention drugs and targeted therapies to cure the disease

Once selected, each project receives average funding of $50,000. Approximately 10 projects are funded each year.
B2Discovery bears fruit. Every other project presents a unique approach never undertaken before! It also encourages our researchers to surpass themselves and increase the number of projects of therapeutic importance. IRIC is a place to develop a real culture of drug discovery in academia, and B2Discovery’s donors play a key role in the process.







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