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Factorized embeddings learns rich and biologically meaningful embedding spaces using factorized tensor decomposition.

The recent development of sequencing technologies revolutionized our understanding of the inner workings of the cell as well as the way disease is treated. A single RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) experiment, however, measures tens of thousands of parameters simultaneously. While the results are information rich, data analysis provides a challenge. Dimensionality reduction methods help with this task by extracting patterns from the data by compressing it into compact vector representations.

Date de publication
1er juillet 2020
Trofimov A, Cohen JP, Bengio Y, Perreault C, Lemieux S
Référence PubMed
Bioinformatics 2020;36(Supplement_1):i417-i426
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Department of Computer Science, Univerity of Montreal, Québec, Canada.