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PAR-4/LKB1 mobilizes nonmuscle myosin through anillin to regulate C. elegans embryonic polarization and cytokinesis.

The serine/threonine kinase LKB1 regulates cell growth and polarity in metazoans, and loss of LKB1 function is implicated in the development of some epithelial cancers. Despite its fundamental role, the mechanism by which LKB1 regulates polarity establishment and/or maintenance is unclear. In the present study, we use the nematode C. elegans to investigate the role of the LKB1 ortholog PAR-4 in actomyosin contractility, a cellular process essential for polarity establishment and cell division in the early embryo.

Date de publication
22 février 2011
Chartier NT, Salazar Ospina DP, Benkemoun L, Mayer M, Grill SW, Maddox AS, Labbé J
Référence PubMed
Curr. Biol. 2011;21(4):259-69
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Institute of Research in Immunology and Cancer, Université de Montréal, Montréal, H3C 3J7 Québec, Canada.