Recruitment of Polo kinase to the spindle midzone during cytokinesis requires the Feo/Klp3A complex.

Polo-like kinases control multiple events during cell division, including mitotic entry, centrosome organization, spindle formation, chromosome segregation and cytokinesis. Their roles during cytokinesis, however, are not well understood because the requirement of these kinases during early stages of mitosis complicates the study of their functions after anaphase onset.

Date de publication
1er janvier 2007
D'Avino PP, Archambault V, Przewloka MR, Zhang W, Lilley KS, Laue E, Glover DM
Référence PubMed
PLoS ONE 2007;2(6):e572
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Cancer Research UK Cell Cycle Genetics Research Group, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom.