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Identification of PP2A-B55 targets uncovers regulation of emerin during nuclear envelope reassembly in Drosophila.

Mitotic exit requires the dephosphorylation of many proteins whose phosphorylation was needed for mitosis. Protein phosphatase 2A with its B55 regulatory subunit (PP2A-B55) promotes this transition. However, the events and substrates that it regulates are incompletely understood. We used proteomic approaches in Drosophila to identify proteins that interact with and are dephosphorylated by PP2A-B55. Among several candidates, we identified emerin (otefin in Drosophila). Emerin resides in the inner nuclear membrane and interacts with the DNA-binding protein barrier-to-autointegration factor (BAF) via a LEM domain. We found that the phosphorylation of emerin at Ser50 and Ser54 near its LEM domain negatively regulates its association with BAF, lamin and additional emerin in mitosis. We show that dephosphorylation of emerin at these sites by PP2A-B55 determines the timing of nuclear envelope reformation. Genetic experiments indicate that this regulation is required during embryonic development. Phosphoregulation of the emerin-BAF complex formation by PP2A-B55 appears as a key event of mitotic exit that is likely conserved across species.

Date de publication
1er juillet 2023
Emond-Fraser V, Larouche M, Kubiniok P, Bonneil E, Li J, Bourouh M, Frizzi L, Thibault P, Archambault V
Référence PubMed
Open Biol 2023;13(7):230104
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Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer, Université de Montréal, Montréal, H3T 1J4, Quebec, Canada.