Interaction of the S-phase cyclin Clb5 with an “RXL” docking sequence in the initiator protein Orc6 provides an origin-localized replication control switch.

Cyclin-dependent kinases are critical regulators of eukaryotic DNA replication. We show that the S-phase cyclin Clb5 binds stably and directly to the origin recognition complex (ORC). This interaction is mediated by an “RXL” target sequence, or “Cy” motif, in the Orc6 subunit that is recognized by the “hydrophobic patch” region on Clb5. The Clb5-Orc6 interaction requires replication initiation, and is maintained throughout the remainder of S phase and into M phase. Eliminating the Clb5-Orc6 interaction has no effect on initiation of replication but instead sensitizes cells to lethal overreplication. We propose that Clb5 binding to ORC provides an origin-localized replication control switch that specifically prevents reinitiation at replicated origins.

Date de publication
1er mai 2004
Wilmes GM, Archambault V, Austin RJ, Jacobson MD, Bell SP, Cross FR
Référence PubMed
Genes Dev. 2004;18(9):981-91
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Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.