2—6 June, 2019

Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences – 62ndAnnual Conference

From June 2 to June 5, 2019, IRIC hosted the largest conference ever held there: the 62nd Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences (CSMB) – Model Systems in Cancer Research. This conference focused on research relevant for understanding the biological basis of cancer using a variety of model systems including model organisms, in vitro systems and computer modeling.

Among the 30 speakers for this event, we were honoured to welcome Dr. Helen McNeill from the University of Washington’s Faculty of Medicine.

The conference allowed nearly 300 researchers, students and postdocs from all over Canada to present their research involving topics related to basic cancer biology. Eighty oral presentations were delivered during parallel sessions and many participants were rewarded for the excellence of their scientific research.

The CSMB Annual Conference also provided an opportunity to network and to exchange on important issues in biomedical research: equity, diversity and inclusion; science and society; the promotion of research to politicians and the general public, and career planning.

The mission of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences is to promote fundamental research in Canada.

Take a look at photos taken at the event!