An ultra-modern research hub and training centre located in the heart of the Université de Montréal

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Accelerating the advancement of knowledge and the discovery of new, more effective cancer therapies

In Canada one people on two  is expected to develop cancer in their lifetime. One in four Canadians is expected to die from this disease. It is the leading cause of death in the country. Each year, cancer is responsible for 30% of all deaths in Canada.

IRIC was created in 2003 to fight the disease. The Institute stands out for its research model unique in the country, combining the complementary expertise of 27 Investigators with that of a research maturation team. IRIC can also rely on its 10 core facilities and a Drug Discovery Unit, made up of the country’s largest team of medicinal chemists and of biologists in an academic setting.

L’importance de soutenir la recherche

A unique research model

A unique model that combines, under one roof, fundamental research activities, a university-level training program and a research maturation team.

The complementary expertise of 27 Investigators in fundamental, translational and applied research.

Innovative teaching methods to train the next generation of Investigators, particularly with its unique Master’s and Ph.D. in System Biology programs.

Privileged access to a research maturation hub specializing in drug discovery supported by the work of 60 chemists and biologists from the Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility.

Close collaborations between the clinical milieu and industry that have led, so far, to Phase I and Phase II clinical studies at the Jewish General Hospital, the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, the McMaster University Medical Centre, the Centre hospitalier de l’Université Laval and the University of British Columbia.

State-of-the-art infrastructures, including 10 core facilities, available to researchers from here and abroad.

For further information about IRIC activities, check out the last activity report and the strategic plan.

An inclusive research environment

As an institution, IRIC seeks to promote equity and increase diversity and inclusion, in all of its forms, throughout its programs. Studies have demonstrated that often subtle, unconscious, and implicit biases exist in academic science, which have the potential to negatively impact outcomes in review processes and in other areas related to resource allocation, awards, prizes and visibility.

To that end, IRIC encourage its community to be aware of potential implicit biases when decision making, reviewing, scoring and discussing applications and/or resource allocation so that everybody can work together to combat their negative impact.

Through various initiatives (visits, workshops, screenings, etc.), IRIC wishes to catalyze the increase of diversity and inclusion within its walls as well as to ensure an equitable work environment for all its members.