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One in two Canadians is expected to develop cancer in their lifetime.
One in four Canadians is expected to die from this disease.

The leading cause of death in the country, cancer is a social issue that affects us all. That’s why IRIC needs you to help advance research leading to the discovery of new therapies. By making a donation to IRIC, you are directly contributing to funding research that helps to accelerate the fight against cancer.

Contact the philanthropy team:

Chantal Malette
Senior Philanthropy and Development Advisor
514-343-6111, ext. 6141

Steve Ntambwe
Philanthropy, Development Advisor
514 343-6111, ext. 27938




The importance of your donations

Located in the heart of the Université de Montréal, IRIC is a unique research centre in Canada. The Institute groups together, under one roof, a team of Investigators from around the world, a unique university program to train the next generation of scientists and a commercialization hub that accelerates the discovery of novel therapies.

For the past 20 years, your donations have enabled us to reinvent research and to make spectacular advances to shed light on the mechanisms of cancer. Your generosity has resulted in the recruitment of 35 distinguished Investigators, the awarding of over 250 scholarships to the top graduate students, the funding of 21 major innovative projects and the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment, including one device for proteomics and one device for high-throughput screening.

Contribute to the collective effort

The number of new cancer cases increases each year, mainly because of the aging population. Along with the disastrous consequences for patients and their families, cancer is an enormous burden on society, for its detrimental impact on both the healthcare system and the national economy. In order to reverse that trend, more and more money must be invested to support research. The financing obtained by the major funding organizations is not enough to support research. As a result, developing more effective and better adapted cancer therapies requires a collective effort.


Support research

Investigators use a wide variety of approaches and experimental models and they pool their expertise to create a greater understanding of the mechanisms of cancer. They also strive to develop new diagnostic tools and to discover new therapeutic solutions benefiting patients.

Several research projects funded by our donors are currently in the clinical trial phase in hospitals. One of them, the discovery of the UM171 molecule by Investigator Anne Marinier, Dr. Guy Sauvageau and their teams, has already enabled blood cancer patients to have access to a safe stem cell transplant. The work carried out by Dr. Claude Perreault in immuno-oncology also paves the way for the development of a therapeutic vaccine against leukemia and other types of cancer. Many other novel projects need your support.

To learn more about IRIC’s projects and funding needs, please contact Chantal Mallette, Senior Development Advisor, at 514-343-6111, ext 6141 or by email:

Contribute to the IRIC’s success

Your donations contribute to building a cancer-free future. Along with actively funding current research projects, your donations also make it possible for IRIC to initiate promising strategic projects, recruit distinguished Investigators, award scholarships to the top research students and acquire cutting-edge equipment : the proteomics platform (Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid from Thermo Scientific) and the new 400 MHz NMR at the Biophysics platform.

Would you like to get involved, become an ambassador for cancer research and organize an event to benefit IRIC?
We are very grateful for your support and the generosity of your initiatives. Please contact us for more information.

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Our donors

For the past 15 years, many people, foundations and companies have generously contributed to the success of the Institute and the pursuit of its mission. The entire IRIC community wholeheartedly thanks them for their support.

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