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World Health Day: Let’s contribute to our collective future

Published on April 12, 2022

Last April 7 was World Health Day, which aims this year to highlight the importance of preserving the health of human beings and the planet; an opportunity for IRIC to reiterate the invaluable contribution of its donors.

In an era where climate change is threatening human health and leads to pathologies such as certain types of cancer, IRIC must redouble its efforts in the fight against the disease.

Thanks to the invaluable contribution of philanthropists, IRIC scientists are working hard to understand cancer; they continue to innovate in the hope of proposing therapeutic solutions for the benefit of patients.

Thank you to our donors, who allow us to continue our work every day. A special thanks to Danielle Lysaught and Paul Hamelin for their recent major donation in support of our mission. If you can, please make a difference with them.


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Don majeur - Danielle Lysaught et Paul Hamelin