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Types of donations

By donating, you contribute to building a cancer-free future. You also benefit from tax credits stemming from federal and provincial legislation. The two combine for a 48% credit. For more information, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website and the Revenu Québec website.

Donations made to IRIC are processed by the Réseau des diplômés et des donateurs de l’Université de Montréal in complete confidentiality. Your tax receipt will be issued by the Université de Montréal and mailed to you approximately 4 weeks after you make your donation.

United States: You can benefit from a tax receipt, because the Université de Montréal is certified by the IRS as a charitable organization (501(c) 3 Public Charity number 23-7172320). Charitable organization registration number: 10816 0995 RR0001

There are several ways to donate to IRIC. Some methods may be better suited to your needs. For more information concerning the various types of donations, please contact Steve Ntambwe, Development Advisor, at 514 343-6141 *27938 or by email:

Online donation

IRIC – Fonds général

The Fonds général des priorités de l’IRIC allows the Institute to benefit from greater flexibility in responding to emergencies. Whether it is the breakdown of equipment, the need to invest in a project with very high potential or the recruitment of an elite researcher whose complementary knowledge would allow IRIC to further push its innovative vision, this fund is essential for the development of the Institute.

IRIC – Fonds de dotation de l’Institut de recherche en immunologie et en cancérologie (IRIC)

Thanks to the returns on investments, the Fonds de dotation de l’IRIC will generate a stable source of income capable of sustaining the research activities of the Institute in perpetuity and allowing IRIC to react quickly in the event of force majeure.

IRIC – Fonds de bourses de recherche

Having a significant impact in the treatment of cancer means accelerating the discovery of new therapies, but also training the scientists of tomorrow. Thus, this fund is specifically intended to finance research scholarships (internship, master’s or doctorate) in order to support student recruitment at IRIC. It should be noted that IRIC was the first in Canada to set up a graduate program in systems biology.

IRIC – Fonds de recrutement de chercheurs

Thanks to this fund, IRIC aims to recruit the best researchers from around the world. The success of the Institute is largely based on its innovative approach which seeks to study all the components of a biological process at the same time rather than examining them in isolation. The selection of elite researchers is based on the multidisciplinarity and complementarity of their expertise. IRIC was one of the first research centers in Canada to operate according to this model.

IRIC – Fonds des projets de recherche stratégique

To accelerate cancer research and develop new therapies, we need to innovate and fund groundbreaking and highly promising projects for which there are few or no public funding programs. This fund acts as a spark plug, creating a real leverage effect and paving the way for the discovery of new cancer therapies.

IRIC – Fonds d’acquisition et d’entretien des équipements

IRIC occupies an ultramodern building that meets today’s research requirements. Its 10 cutting-edge technological platforms not only serve IRIC research teams, but also the scientific community in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and even internationally. This fund is intended specifically for the acquisition and maintenance of equipment for these platforms.

IRIC – Fonds Audace

This fund is intended to raise money for IRIC’s flagship fundraising event, Audace, which contributes annually to funding promising discoveries in the fight against cancer. Donations raised will be allocated to IRIC’s priorities.

IRIC – Fonds des Jeunes philanthropes

This fund was created by committed young business people who mobilize annually to organize fundraising activities for the benefit of the Institute and to raise awareness among their peers about the importance of supporting the cancer cause.

IRIC – Fonds de la Famille Blais

This fund was created by Pierre Blais who committed himself to supporting research after successfully undergoing experimental treatment for incurable chronic leukemia. Each year, he brings together golf enthusiasts to raise awareness and mobilize their loved ones for the cause. The money raised is used to sponsor young researchers and students.

IRIC – Fonds vaccin thérapeutique contre le cancer

Created by Dr. Robert Patenaude, this fund aims to support the scientists involved in the discovery of this therapeutic vaccine, namely Dr. Claude Perreault’s team, in collaboration with the teams of Sébastien Lemieux and Pierre Thibault.

Chaire Bégin-Plouffe en chémogénomique des cellules souches sanguines de la Faculté de médecine de l’Université de Montréal à l’Institut de recherche en immunologie et en cancérologie (IRIC)

Endowed chair aimed at supporting research in the field of chemogenomics for patients with leukemia and which aims to develop new improved diagnostic and prognostic tests as well as new therapeutic strategies.

IRIC – Fonds de bourses Aubry-Bouvier de l’IRIC

The Fonds de bourses Aubry-Bouvier de l’IRIC, created by Michel Bouvier and Muriel Aubry, is an endowed fund that aims to support the next generation of scientists by awarding scholarships of excellence to exceptionally talented students who contribute to the advancement of cancer research.

Donate online

One-Time, Periodic or Perpetual Donation

Make a difference by making a donation to IRIC. Ensure ongoing support for the IRIC’s Investigators and for cancer patients by making a one-time, periodic or perpetual donation.

Donation in Memory or Donation in Honour of Someone

Make a donation in memory or in honour of someone or to celebrate an important occasion. When you pay tribute to a friend, a loved one or a colleague with a donation to IRIC, you make a difference in the life of those who have been affected by cancer.

Personalized Fund

Leave your mark with a fund bearing your name and do something that will live on over time.

Fundraising Activities

Organize a fundraising activity to support research in cancerology

You would like to support scientists that work hard towards acquiring new knowledge about cancer? Endless possibilities exist: mark an anniversary in a different way, pay tribute to a loved one, take up a sporting challenge, etc.

There are many examples of activities to raise funds to support our scientists who devote all of their efforts to discovering new therapeutic avenues to fight cancer.

We are providing you with a simple guide for organizing a fundraising activity in 10 steps.

Tell us about your idea for an activity by contacting Steve Ntambwe, Development Advisor, at 514 343-6141 *27938 or by email:

We will be happy to answer your questions and to assist you in this undertaking.

Planned Donation

Contribute to advancing research, training the next generation of scientists and developing new cancer treatments for the generations to come. Your philanthropic goals can last even beyond your life.

A planned donation is a donation that is subject to financial, tax or estate planning, reflecting your philanthropic goals and provides long-term funding that is vital to IRIC’s mission.

To learn more, consult these documents and contact us in complete confidentiality.

Testamentary donation

The testamentary donation is one of the simplest and most accessible ways to plan a donation. After having ensured the well-being of your family and friends, you can choose to bequeath part of your assets to IRIC by writing it in your will.

Life insurance donation

You can designate IRIC as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy’s death benefit. Depending on the option chosen, the tax advantages could benefit you or your estate.

Donations of publicly traded securities

In accordance with federal and provincial tax regulations, all donations of publicly traded securities are granted a full exemption from capital gains tax. For people with assets in the form of publicly traded stock, this type of donation is therefore much more advantageous than a monetary donation.

Donation in kind

The donation in kind constitutes a donation of material goods made to IRIC involving assets other than cash. A donation in kind can include real estate property, listed personal property (works of art, rare books, etc.) or securities and can be kept or sold by IRIC.

Company Donation

Mobilize your teams by offering them an opportunity to rally around an important cause.

Make a corporate donation

By making a corporate donation to IRIC or by associating your company with it, you are helping thousands of cancer patients through practical action.

You can always associate yourself with activities organized by IRIC, throughout the year, in return for visibility.

Take part in an IRIC activity or organize a company fundraising activity

Take part in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge, purchase tickets for Audacious, or organize a fundraising activity personalized to fit your company.

Set up a matching donation program

Many companies commit to making a donation matching or exceeding the one made by the employees within the framework of fundraising campaigns or activities. Find out about the possibilities with your employer.


Donation of publicly traded securities

Investing in research, a gesture that pays off

There are many ways to support cancer research. Donating publicly traded securities is a judicious way of supporting the efforts carried out by IRIC’s research teams. For the donor, this type of donation will set an example for others, and for IRIC, it’s a donation that will change lives.

By transferring publicly traded securities to the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the Université de Montréal, the capital gains are tax-free, and added to the tax credit received thanks to the donation receipt.

A most advantageous type of donation!

Publicly traded securities commonly accepted are:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds

Donating publicly traded securities in 3 steps

  1. Contact Steve Ntambwe (, Senior Development Advisor: Along with examining the various options (type of securities, value, transfer arrangements, brokerage firm, coordinates), you can also discuss your philanthropic project. You will then be directed to a project that you hold dear.
  2. Contact your broker: Your broker will handle the procedures for the electronic transfer of the securities with the assigned broker for the Université de Montréal. All information pertaining to the transfer is included in this form.
  3. Receive a tax receipt: The Université de Montréal will issue a receipt that corresponds to the fair market value of the securities on the day of the transfer into its accounts (electronic transfer).

As part of an estate plan, this type of donation may also be beneficial for your family patrimony.

If the securities are donated pursuant to a Will, the maximum value of the donation allowed in the year of death reaches 100% of the net income of the testator. If the amount of the donation exceeds that percentage, it can be carried back to the year preceding the death subject to the 100% ceiling on net income applicable to that previous year. The representative of the estate may also spread the donation over the estate’s taxation years subject to progressive tax rates in order to maximize tax advantages.