From today’s research to tomorrow’s therapies

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Research maturation cluster: IRICoR

Actively engaged in the fight against cancer, IRIC is committed to commercializing discoveries in fundamental research in order for them to rapidly evolve into therapeutic solutions that will benefit patients. In order to do so, the Institute can rely on the expertise of IRICoR, a research maturation cluster, on the lookout for the most promising scientific breakthroughs for the development of innovative drugs and treatments.

From today’s research to tomorrow’s therapies

Created in 2008 and based at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer, IRICoR is a research maturation centre, specializing in drug discovery. Possessing both scientific and business expertise, its team targets the best research projects from academia in order to facilitate their transformation into new therapies, through the development of strategic partnerships with the private sector and the creation of new companies.

IRICoR’s privileged relationships with the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical centres results in accelerating the transformation of research into therapeutic solutions that are accessible to patients, while also maximizing the economic benefits.

IRICoR, more than 10 years of success in drug discovery

IRICoR’s corporate video
IRICoR, 10 years of success in drug discovery

IRICoR, From today’s research to tomorrow’s therapies

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Over the past ten years, IRICoR has helped five research projects reach the clinical phase. Two of them became a reality as a result of the creation of the following companies: ExCellThera and SpecificiT.

By strategically and financially supporting the development of said projects, and by assisting in the creation of a spinoff company, IRICoR acted as an accelerator in transforming fundamental research into clinical application innovations.

In the case of ExCellThera, a spin-off company at the UdeM and based on the discovery of the UM171 molecule, the transition from early “hit” stage to the clinic took less than six years.

When research translates into therapeutic solutions benefiting patients

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UM171: a major breakthrough in oncology

IRICoR works very closely with the team headed by Anne Marinier, Principal Investigator, Director of Medicinal Chemistry, and Director of IRIC’s Drug Discovery Unit, and that of Dr. Guy Sauvageau, Principal Investigator at IRIC and hematologist at the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, who discovered the UM171 Molecule, which has the capacity to multiply the stem cells present in umbilical cord blood.

These stem cells are used for transplants for the purpose of curing several blood diseases, including leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma. The results of the first phases of a clinical trial testing the efficacy of stem cells produced thanks to UM171 in patients suffering from blood cancer show hope.

This global breakthrough by IRIC’s teams, assisted throughout its development and supported in part by IRICoR, may soon provide thousands of patients with access to a safe stem cell transplant.

Over the past 15 years, IRICoR has demonstrated the success of its model with more than 100 project financings, including over 60 projets in public and private partnership. Along with creating four active companies, 30 licence agreements have been reached, 70 patent families have been generated and eight clinical trials have been initiated.


A collaboration between IRIC and AbbVie facilitated by IRICoR
IRICoR, key partner in the commercialization of research
IRICoR, from academic research to drug discovery
IRICoR contributes to training the next generation of scientists