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Fonds vaccin thérapeutique contre le cancer: Donations that make a real difference

Published on June 3, 2021

In early 2020, IRIC created its brand new “Fonds vaccin thérapeutique contre le cancer”, a fund initiated by Dr. Robert Patenaude with a personal contribution of $25,000. The objective was to support the scientists involved in the project, namely the team led by Dr. Claude Perreault, in collaboration with the teams led by Sébastien Lemieux and Pierre Thibault, who work tirelessly to change the life of people affected by cancer.

From the moment the Fund was launched, IRIC has been able to rely on the generosity of multiple donors – including the Fondation Famille Diane et Léon Gosselin – to support this large-scale project. The donations, which total $637,663 to date, have generated significant preliminary results. In less than two years, significant progress has been observed for two types of cancer: ovarian and acute myeloid leukemia.

“Your support is an invaluable contribution to the advancement of our therapeutic cancer vaccine project. In very little time, we have made promising discoveries. Our teams are excited about what lies ahead. We thank you for believing in it right alongside of us!” – Dr. Claude Perreault

“Research really can result in miracles, and I’m living proof of that. Thanks to the fine care and determination of Dr. Claude Perreault, this year I was able to mark the 40th anniversary of being cured of acute myeloid leukemia. Wanting to pay it forward and convinced of the importance of this research project, I created this Fund. I am happy to see the tremendous excitement surrounding the initiative. I am convinced that together, we will be able to take giant leaps that will benefit cancer patients.” – Dr. Robert Patenaude

Together, more than ever, we can hope to develop therapeutic vaccines to fight different types of cancer.

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