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Cancer and immunology: an evening of scientific outreach

mars 28, 2024

On March 28, IRIC and BistroBrain invite you to Saint-Houblon (Côtes-des-neiges) for an evening of scientific popularization. Four of the Institute’s graduate students will be on hand to present their research work. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about recent advances in cancer research and chat with the next generation of scientists!

The event includes 4 presentations of 12 minutes, followed by 5-minute question periods. It’s an opportunity to discuss science in a relaxed atmosphere.

The students are :

  • Alexanne Bisson, M.Sc. student in Guy Sauvageau’s laboratory and Anne Marinier’s laboratory
  • Claire Baudoin, Master’s student in Gregory Emery’s laboratory
  • Virginie Émond-Fraser, PhD student in Vincent Archambault’s laboratory
  • Laura Chastant, PhD student in Vincent Archambault’s laboratory