Two IRIC Principal Investigators receive a new Canada Research Chair

Published on décembre 20, 2017

Delphine Bouilly and Matthew J. Smith, Principal Investigators at IRIC, both received a new Canada Research Chair of the October 2016 competition. The federal program allows to recruit and retain the best researchers.

Leading the Design and Application of Electronic Nanobiosensors Research Unit, Delphine Bouilly is the most recent and youngest IRIC recruit. Trained as a physicist, she is also an Assistant Professor at the Physics Department of the Faculty of Arts and Science of the UdeM. She received the CRC in bio-nanolectronics (level 2) that will allow her to pursue her research on ultra-miniature electronic circuits and sensors able to discover biological molecules (DNA and proteins), to study their mechanisms and develop new ways to detect illnesses, such as cancer.

Matthew J. Smith, leading the Cancer Signaling and Structural Biology Research Unit and Assistant Professor at the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine of the UdeM, received the CRC in cancer signaling and structural biology (level 2). He will namely study the functions of the protein RAS, recognized as a key driver of human cancers.