IRIC is pleased to mark more than 10 years of partnership with Pomerleau and acknowledges its outstanding support

Published on June 23, 2020

On June 1, 2020, Pomerleau, one of Canada’s most innovative construction leaders and a pioneer in sustainable buildings and renewable energy, launched its “Love is an essential service” initiative to support efforts to fight COVID-19. As part of that initiative, philanthropic donations were distributed to 14 community organizations across the country working in three major sectors of activity related to the current health crisis, namely: health, research and food. As a result, IRIC has been allocated a substantial amount, deposited into the Institute’s Emergency Fund, to allow its investigators to continue their research activities in a bold and unique way, despite the constraints stemming from the pandemic.

Today, IRIC would like to take a moment to underscore Pomerleau’s renewed generosity, which has provided a contribution totalling over $600,000 to IRIC over the past 10 years. We would be remiss if we did not mention the devotion of Pierre Pomerleau, President and CEO, and of Francis Pomerleau, Chief Executive – Talent, Culture and Leadership, who personally contributed to reaching that exceptional amount. But beyond the numbers, it’s also an opportunity for us to salute a wonderful story, based on great collaboration and many shared values, such as innovation, collaboration, commitment, taking calculated risks and a love for people and for the profession.

A donor who sees beyond risk

Pierre Pomerleau discovered IRIC in a business context in the early 2000’s. Having been given the contract to build the Marcelle-Coutu Pavilion, which would house IRIC’s research activities, Mr. Pomerleau instantly showed great enthusiasm for the Institute’s mission, which he felt was vital to help cancer patients. Right from the start, Pomerleau set itself apart as a donor organization, in many ways. Mr. Pomerleau embodies the Institute’s values through his bold vision, his willingness to go about things differently, and his interest in innovation. That’s why he is convinced that thinking outside the box is what leads to different results. His keen interest in supporting strategic projects with great potential is proof of that. These projects unique to IRIC, known as high risk–high impact, do genuinely struggle to secure financing from traditional funding agencies. However, Pierre Pomerleau sees beyond risk and wants to provide an opportunity for these innovative projects that could indeed have a significant impact on drug discovery.

Over time, support from Pomerleau and from donors who understand these types of projects provides great leverage for the Institute. Companies are gradually generated, grants are awarded to investigators, patents emerge and promising treatments are developed. In 2018, a tribute was paid to Pierre Pomerleau as part of the 5th edition of Audacious, IRIC’s benefit-event, to illustrate his exceptional commitment and to highlight his desire to give back to Quebec society.

We are grateful that we can rely on exceptional donors who are all heart and who share the values of the Institute. We will continue to cherish this collaboration with Pomerleau and all the members of its team who also get involved with the Institute.

To you, Pierre Pomerleau (President and CEO), Francis Pomerleau (Chief Executive – Talent, Culture and Leadership), and Jean-Philippe Towner (Executive Vice-President – Chief Financial Officer and devoted member of IRIC’s Audacious Financing Cabinet), thank you for helping us make a difference alongside your team.