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IRIC’s Academic Affairs team receives the prix d’excellence en enseignement

Published on October 20, 2020

IRIC is proud to announce that the prix d’excellence en enseignement Catégorie Innovation – Soutien à la réussite étudiante has been awarded to its Academic Affairs team: Sébastien Carréno, Julie Mantovani, Evelyne Muhire, Pascale Le Thérizien. This recognition bestowed by the Vice-Rector of Student and Academic Affairs of the Université de Montréal underscores the outstanding contribution made by the team to student success.

Several studies highlight the difficulties that graduate students must deal with, such as isolation, mental health issues, attrition in the Ph.D. programs and professional development.

Based on those findings, IRIC developed an innovative integrated and personalized support program for graduate students working in the Institute’s laboratories. The mission of the initiative set up by the Office of Academic Affairs is to provide support to students along their path, from the time they arrive at the Institute until they graduate. The program is aimed at improving the success rate, assisting with the physiological difficulties related to the stress of graduate studies and student isolation, and preparing them for their future career.

The success of the initiative within IRIC rests notably on the fact that the Academic Affairs staff works closely with the students on a daily basis in a warm and caring environment.

The program includes several components:
– The Passerelle sponsorship program at IRIC aimed at helping with student integration and breaking the isolation of newcomers
– A Welcome Day organized each semester for new students
– Personalized follow-up meetings offered by the Academic Affairs team throughout the academic path at the Institute
– Monthly academic breakfasts during which the issues surrounding student reality are addressed in a pleasant, exchange-friendly climate
– Transversal skills workshops set up on the Institute’s premises aimed at supporting students in their personal and professional development
– A networking evening organized each year to make people aware of the job possibilities available to students in Montreal following a Master’s or a Ph.D. in science research
– A drafting group to break the isolation during the thesis-writing period and to help students during this crucial period.

“This award recognizes the work that has been carried out over several years by IRIC’s Office of Academic Affairs. It serves to reward our team which, thanks to the continual support of IRIC management and the collaboration of our various partners, ensures personalized support to the students of the Institute. I am delighted to see that the University acknowledges our work and the importance of the issues involving graduate students that we face each day. I am convinced that this program can be implemented in various units. We hope that IRIC will be able to serve as a leader in this area” points out Julie Mantovani, Chief of Academic Affairs.