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Sébastien Lemieux and his team’s project is a recipient of the ODAC Competition

Published on November 9, 2020

Génome Québec, IVADO and Oncopole have come together to organize the “Omics Data Against Cancer” (ODAC) Competition. This initiative aims to support projects developing applications and artificial intelligence tools used to better exploit the datasets generated by genomics and the study of cancer.

The project of Sébastien Lemieux, Principal Investigator at IRIC and his team is one of the 5 recipient projects of the program. Their work consists of developing new reduced vector representations for the use of transcriptomic and chemical data in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

“As part of this project, we will develop vector representations to optimize the performance of deep neural networks. We will focus on the representation of high definition transcriptional profiles as well as the representation of chemical structures of small molecules. In the longer term, these advances should facilitate the exploitation of artificial intelligence algorithms for drug development and precision medicine.” stresses Sébastien Lemieux.

This promising project would therefore be very useful for developing new classes of drugs for resistant subtypes of AML and in precision medicine, to combine treatments with each patient in an optimal way.

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