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Investing in research: a move that pays off

Published on January 24, 2022

A possible therapeutic ovarian cancer vaccine, a new treatment to fight leukemia and a molecule that could even short-circuit up to 70% of all types of cancers… These three projects, currently under development at IRIC, benefited from funds provided through private donations. Among them, publicly traded securities are a beneficial way to contribute to the next generation of cancer treatments.

Why opt for donating publicly traded securities?

By transferring publicly traded securities to IRIC, the capital gains are tax-free, and added to the tax credit received thanks to the donation receipt.

Donating publicly traded securities is a judicious way of supporting the efforts carried out by IRIC’s research teams. For the donor, this type of donation will set an example for others, and for IRIC, it’s a donation that will change lives.

How to take action?

Donating securities to IRIC is simple and easy and can be done through an electronic transfer. Just obtain the securities donation form and send it to your broker so that he can handle the transfer procedures with the assigned broker for the Université de Montréal. You will then receive a tax receipt corresponding to the market value of your securities at the time of the closing of the stock markets on the day of the transfer into the Université de Montréal’s account.

To learn more about donating publicly traded securities and the various ways of donating to IRIC: