The life lesson of marathoner Jean Mireault

Published on February 4, 2022

On this World Cancer Day, IRIC would like to point out the generous contribution to our cause made by Mr. Jean Mireault. On October 11, 2021, Mr. Mireault ran in the Boston Marathon in honor of his mother, who died of cancer at a very young age. Although his race did not unfold as he had hoped because of an unexpected issue at the midway mark, Mr. Mireault drew a very inspiring lesson from the experience for all of us. Speaking very frankly, he describes the state of mind that he was in when he managed to complete, not without struggling, the second part of his marathon:

“Shortly after hitting the marathon “wall”, I pictured all of us who are healthy, living life to its fullest, without ever imagining that illness could hit us at any time, completely unexpectedly, sort of like the famous marathon wall. Right then and there, I became fully aware of the superhuman efforts made by cancer patients in order to live. Unfortunately, despite all of the efforts and determination, just like marathon runners, some don’t reach the finish line.” – Jean Mireault

Wanting to change things, Mr. Mireault made a major donation to IRIC by supporting cancer research. Do you too want to support our scientists who work tirelessly to understand cancer and change the face of the disease? Follow Mr. Mireault’s lead and organize a fundraising activity! We welcome all initiatives. For more information: