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A chemical molecule designed at IRIC has been named “Molecule of the Month” in June 2022 by the Drug Hunter platform

Published on August 22, 2022

Clinical candidate designed and synthesized at IRIC by the Drug Discovery Unit led by Principal Investigator Anne Marinier, the molecule BMS-986120 (UDM-002985) has been named “Molecule of the Month” by the Drug Hunter Platform.

This molecule was developed in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb. It was recently published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

BMS-986120 acts as an antagonist of the G protein-coupled receptor PAR4 found in human platelets and activated by the clotting enzyme thrombin. PAR4 plays a key role in blood coagulation. Its importance in the pathological formation of blood clots (or thrombosis) has been widely demonstrated.

By interacting directly with the PAR4 receptor and blocking its action, the compound BMS-986120 has demonstrated excellent efficacy in the fight against thrombosis and would improve care in the clinical treatment of arterial thrombosis.

Drug Hunter is an independent information platform that selects, organizes and publishes on its website important information on drug discovery and for the scientific community.

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