The Grandes Retrouvailles at IRIC: when the doors of the laboratories open to the general public

Published on octobre 13, 2022

The Université de Montréal held its first Grandes Retrouvailles on its various campuses, from September 28 to October 2. All of its graduates, as well as their relatives, were invited to meet and celebrate their attachment to the university. As part of the event, which included some 50 activities, 17 people were able to visit IRIC’s facilities and discover its cancer research model.

Guided by Benoît St-Jacques, Director of Research Coordination, and Vanessa Laflamme, Research Advisor in the Drug Discovery Unit, 17 curious visitors were introduced to the biology of cancers. From the importance of model systems as simple as the fruit fly to the great complexity of high-throughput screening robots, various concepts were shared with the general public in order to demystify how research works.

IRIC would like to thank its two guides as well as its philanthropic development team, who orchestrated this visit together. See you next year!