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Three finalists will represent IRIC at the provincial Science Pop final

Published on May 5, 2023

Held on April 12, IRIC’s internal competition awarded three finalists who will take part in the provincial finals of the Science Pop pan-Quebec science communication contest on May 27 and 28.

Boubacar Sidiki Traore, a Ph.D. student in Michel Bouvier’s laboratory, won the valorization challenge with his presentation “How to boost the immune system against cancer”.

Charles Homsi, a PhD student in the laboratories of Pierre Thibault and Alain Verreault, won the mobilization challenge with his presentation “Exploring Humans, a podcast that gives voice to young researchers”.

Juliette Humeau, postdoctoral fellow in Claude Perreault’s laboratory, won the popularization challenge with her presentation “The coordinated action of immune cells in the fight against cancer”.

Thank you to all the participants, the audience, and the members of our 2 juries:

  • Judith Lafaille, Communications Officer, IRIC
  • Mira-Sue Mallet, Human Resources Analyst, IRIC
  • Martin Patenaude-Monette, illustrator and comic book author
  • Sébastien Roy, Assistant Director General – Operations and Finance, IRIC
  • Benoit Saint-Jacques, Director of Research Coordination, IRIC
  • Manon Valiquette, Director of Scientific Platform Operations, IRIC

Congratulations to all!

IRIC thanks the student organizing committee, supported by IRIC’s Office of Academic Affairs.

Science POP is a Quebec-wide science communication initiative proposed by the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM) and supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS), with the objective of promoting science-society dialogue.