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Success for the IRIC 2023 symposium!

Published on October 27, 2023

On October 19 and 20, over 250 guests gathered for IRIC’s international scientific symposium. The event was also an opportunity for everyone to officially mark IRIC’s 20th anniversary at Université de Montréal.

The IRIC symposium provided an opportunity to hear more than twenty eminent scientists from Canada and abroad describe their latest discoveries and discuss the potential for developing new cancer therapies. Through the quality of the research presented, these conferences offered participants an exceptional opportunity for training and networking.

The symposium brought together many IRIC students and collaborators, as well as colleagues and friends, in a scientific event celebrating excellence in research. It was particularly stimulating to witness the remarkable success of IRIC’s alumni, who are leaving their mark around the world,” says Philippe Roux, IRIC’s Scientific Director.

A special 20th anniversary edition

The cocktail reception on Thursday, October 19 was dedicated to celebrating IRIC’s 20th anniversary. Decorated with lighting effects and scientific artworks, the evening celebrated the IRIC community since its inauguration in 2003, and the efforts of all those who have contributed to IRIC’s success in positioning the Institute as a unique research model in the country, bringing together exceptional expertise in immunology and cancer.

The evening was marked by inspiring speeches from Guy Sauvageau, Rémi Quirion, Michel Bouvier, Robert Lacroix and William Brock. They highlighted IRIC’s 20 years of success, and the reasons why IRIC stands out for its unique model.

This evening marks the closing of a festive year. Over the years, IRIC has set itself apart and become a true leader in the advancement of knowledge in cancer research and their transformation into therapeutic solutions. We wanted to celebrate the people and pillars who have built the Institute over the past 20 years,” says Michel Bouvier, IRIC’s Executive Director.


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The IRIC community would like to thank its sponsors, La Presse, Illumina, the speakers and the organizing committee.