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The Pillars of IRIC: meet Jinny Émond

Published on November 27, 2023

­­­­In 2023, IRIC celebrates its 20th anniversary. Among the initiatives put in place to celebrate this anniversary, the series of portraits entitled “The Pillars of IRIC” will highlight the people who have contributed since the very beginning, sometimes in the shadows, to make IRIC what it has become.

Today, meet Jinny Émond, Animal Care Worker In vivo Biology Core Facility.

Briefly describe your background before arriving at IRIC:

I worked for Charles River Laboratories, where I gained my experience with in vivo murine models.

Why did you join IRIC?

IRIC was opening its doors and hiring staff to set up the in vivo biology platform, so I took my chance!

What does your job at IRIC entail?

My job is to take care of murine models. I ensure their health and well-being as well as respect the protocols established with the research teams and ethics committees.

What motivates you to stay at IRIC after all these years?

I really enjoy being involved in the early stages of research work, this is when fundamental discoveries are made. It’s very motivating to know that my work can influence the next stages of the projects in which I am involved.

Tell us about an accomplishment that makes you proud of your work at IRIC:

The fact of having been present during the preparation of the accommodation rooms and the arrival of the first mouse models at IRIC makes me really proud.

Can you tell us about a key figure, a model, a mentor for you at IRIC?

Michel Normandeau gave me my first chance and he believed in me, I will always be grateful to him.

From yesterday to today, what has changed the most at the Institute?

Protocols and working methods improve every year, allowing everyone’s work to evolve for the better.

A hobby of the last 20 years:
Drawing, reading, fishing and camping.
Best innovation of the last 20 years:
Wireless headphones.
Song you were listening to 20 years ago:
Songs from The Offspring.
A wish for 20 years from now:
Living by a lake, surrounded by my family.