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Support our Emergency Fund

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has created upheaval in our lives and has impacted our activities as well as those of the entire country.

Our Institute is not immune to the situation. We too are deeply affected by the forced stoppage of part of our activities. Many of our laboratories are on hold and the future of our young investigators, along with the completion of several promising projects, are therefore greatly jeopardized.

In order to alleviate this critical issue, we have created an Emergency Fund. So it is with deep humility that we are calling upon your support today. It’s truer than ever that research is vital to help us fight diseases like cancer and COVID-19.

Several of our investigators are on the frontlines every day, working tirelessly to find solutions to the coronavirus. They work quietly, providing needed care to our entire society. Today, we humbly invite you to donate to support the work of these heroes who toil in the shadows.

More than ever, our institute needs you in order to continue its mission. We call upon your support and your generosity. We are well aware that the current situation poses collective health issues and economic issues that affect all of us. Moreover, it’s with small and major donations that our investigators will be able to make a difference. Each contribution that you can make, whether small or large, counts for us. If you are in a position to do so, please contribute to supporting research carried out at IRIC to help us find solutions against cancer and, currently, against COVID-19.

In these challenging times and this period of great instability, we can’t thank you enough for your support. We are convinced that together, we will be able to make a difference and overcome this extraordinary ordeal.

Support the IRIC Emergency Fund