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The Bioinformatics Core Facility offers algorithmic and customized mega-data services, database management and software development. It represents an important asset for analysis of the data generated by the different research groups and serves as technological support for other core facilities.

Closely linked to the Genomics Core Facility, it includes all next-generation sequencing analysis, such as assembly of reference-genome or de-novo resequencing of data, transcriptome or exome-capture data, differential expression analysis or mutation detection.

The core facility also closely collaborates on work carried out in proteomics, computational chemistry, high-throughput screening, and in vivo biology. It also offers personalized training on various themes related to programming and data analysis.

More information about Bioinformatics Core Facility

Patrick Gendron
Phone (office)
(514) 343-6111, ext. 0596
(514) 343-7780

Services offered:

  • Analysis of data (massive or not)
  • Software development
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of databases and user interfaces
  • Statistical analysis
  • Algorithm automation and parallelization


50 multi-core compute servers

  • 50 multi-core compute servers whose memory ranges from 32GB to 512GB, for a total of 1300 CPU cores and more than 6TB of memory

Storage units connected by a storage area network (SAN)

  • Storage units connected by a storage area network (SAN), with an effective capacity of 350TB, as well as a robotic tape library that currently stores more than 300 TB of data
    Both Infiniband and 10Gbit server interconnect are used to optimize data transfer rateS