IRIC discoveries have spurred major advances in understanding the development of cancer and opened the way to the creation of new, more targeted therapeutic solutions. Its publications are a reflection of these accomplishments. They also demonstrate the Institute’s drive and productivity.



Mapping GPR88-Venus illuminates a novel role for GPR88 in sensory processing.Ehrlich AT, Semache M, Bailly J, Wojcik S, Arefin TM, Colley C, Le Gouill C, Gross F, Lukasheva V, Hogue M, Darcq E, Harsan LA, Bouvier M, Kieffer BLBrain Struct Funct 2017-11-06.

Identification of cross talk between SUMOylation and ubiquitylation using a sequential peptide immunopurification approach.McManus FP, Lamoliatte F, Thibault PNat Protoc 2017-11-01;12(11):2342-2358.

Study of Methylene Blue Ototoxicity in the Guinea Pig.Belhassen S, Alzahrani M, Nader ME, Gaboury L, Saliba IJ Clin Med Res 2017-11-01;9(11):900-906.

Immunogenic stress and death of cancer cells: Contribution of antigenicity vs adjuvanticity to immunosurveillance.Bloy N, Garcia P, Laumont CM, Pitt JM, Sistigu A, Stoll G, Yamazaki T, Bonneil E, Buqué A, Humeau J, Drijfhout JW, Meurice G, Walter S, Fritsche J, Weinschenk T, Rammensee HG, Melief C, Thibault P, Perreault C, Pol J, Zitvogel L, Senovilla L, Kroemer GImmunol. Rev. 2017-11-01;280(1):165-174.

WD40 repeat domain proteins: a novel target class?Schapira M, Tyers M, Torrent M, Arrowsmith CHNat Rev Drug Discov 2017-11-01;16(11):773-786.

PPARγ Ligand-induced Annexin A1 Expression Determines Chemotherapy Response via Deubiquitination of Death Domain Kinase RIP in Triple-negative Breast Cancers.Chen L, Yuan Y, Kar S, Kanchi MM, Arora S, Kim JE, Koh PF, Yousef E, Samy RP, Shanmugam MK, Tan TZ, Shin SW, Arfuso F, Shen HM, Yang H, Goh BC, Park JI, Gaboury L, Lobie PE, Sethi G, Lim LHK, Kumar APMol. Cancer Ther. 2017-11-01;16(11):2528-2542.

UBAP2L is amplified in a large subset of human lung adenocarcinoma and is critical for epithelial lung cell identity and tumor metastasis.Aucagne R, Girard S, Mayotte N, Lehnertz B, Lopes-Paciencia S, Gendron P, Boucher G, Chagraoui J, Sauvageau GFASEB J. 2017-11-01;31(11):5012-5018.

RAF inhibitors promote RAS-RAF interaction by allosterically disrupting RAF autoinhibition.Jin T, Lavoie H, Sahmi M, David M, Hilt C, Hammell A, Therrien MNat Commun 2017-10-31;8(1):1211.

Actomyosin contractility regulators stabilize the cytoplasmic bridge between the two primordial germ cells during C. elegans embryogenesis.Goupil E, Amini R, Hall DH, Labbé JCMol. Biol. Cell 2017-10-26.

Evolution of AF6-RAS association and its implications in mixed-lineage leukemia.Smith MJ, Ottoni E, Ishiyama N, Goudreault M, Haman A, Meyer C, Tucholska M, Gasmi-Seabrook G, Menezes S, Laister RC, Minden MD, Marschalek R, Gingras AC, Hoang T, Ikura MNat Commun 2017-10-23;8(1):1099.

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