World Cancer Day 2022: We need you!

4—5 février, 2022

Every year, World Cancer Day is marked throughout the world on February 4. For IRIC, it’s an opportunity to look back on its achievements, to recognize the work of its research teams, and to celebrate the hope generated by new discoveries.

Although cancer is a complex disease and there are many more discoveries that need to be made, we know more than we ever have about the disease. Thanks to the investments made by our governments to support research and innovation, and especially thanks to the loyal support of our donors, IRIC’s teams continue to make advances that result in new therapeutic hopes.

As a result, since it was founded, the Institute’s researchers have created new molecules, searched through junk DNA to conceptualize therapeutic cancer vaccines, have been working on electronic nanocircuits to detect leukemia, have been studying cancer genetics using fruit flies…thus paving the way for promising new advances.

But the collective fight against cancer has not yet been won, and that’s why we are counting on your support.

On World Cancer Day, let’s join forces to accelerate research. If you can, please donate today!


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