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Sébastien Lemieux appointed Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Montréal

Published on December 17, 2018

IRIC is proud to announce the appointment of Sébastien Lemieux to the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Montréal.

Sébastien is a Principal Investigator at IRIC, where he is in charge of the Functional and Structural Bioinformatics research unit. His computational research laboratory focuses on large-scale data processing during the course of drug discovery, paying special attention to the application and development of automatic learning methods. His work at the Institute has enabled him to establish several collaborations with colleagues from various disciplines, including biochemistry, medicine, chemistry and informatics, through co-management of students and postdocs, team grants and co-publications. Since 2008, he has been managing the bioinformatics efforts of the Leucegene Group, a large-scale project aimed at developing targeted therapies for acute myeloid leukemia. “The knowledge that Sébastien brings to the table is a tremendous asset for IRIC. Along with his research activities, he coordinates the development of IRIC’s bioinformatics core facility in order to provide investigators from IRIC, the Université de Montréal, and elsewhere, with expertise in the fields of bioinformatics, automatic learning, data management, development of algorithms and software development.” – Marc Therrien, Scientific Director, IRIC

A collaborative research project

His appointment is part of “Des données à l’action en santé”, a major initiative of the Université de Montréal in tandem with the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO), of the federal government’s Canada First Research Excellence Fund program, for his research work in the fields of artificial intelligence applications and machine learning in healthcare.

Within the scope of his duties, Sébastien will contribute to the valorization of data stemming from chemical screening, transcriptomic and proteomic experiences carried out at IRIC and will strengthen the link created with IVADO’s fundamental development team (machine learning and, eventually, optimization). The direction of Sébastien’s research with respect to developing informatics approaches led to an active collaboration with Yoshua Bengio’s group at the MILA (domain adaptation, interpretation of MS/MS spectra). The work he has done will significantly enrich that line of research, thus facilitating its integration into IVADO.