Context COVID-19: IRIC puts its research expertise to good use

Published on March 24, 2020

In this context of an exceptional crisis, IRIC wishes to advise its community that we are carefully monitoring the latest developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic and complying with all of the policies that our governments have implemented to stop the virus from spreading. Because our priority is the health of our students, employees and of course our partners and collaborators, we are systematically applying each one of the measures indicated for the good of our entire society.

We are also letting you know that on-site research activities have been suspended for safety reasons. However, please be advised that all IRIC staff members are continuing with their activities remotely, whenever possible, and working with the same devotion as ever to support our main mission, namely to shed light on the mechanisms of cancer and to accelerate the discovery of more effective new therapies to fight the disease, for the benefit of patients.

We would also like to take this opportunity to salute all of the research efforts being carried out globally to defeat this unprecedented epidemic. We reiterate the key role played by scientific research, which greatly contributes to the advancement of knowledge.

In that regard, it should be noted that some of our investigators and their various teams will be called upon to contribute to COVID-19 research. We will use the Institute’s various core facilities to propose new research avenues and put forward creative and promising solutions. IRIC is very proud to put its knowledge to good use as it relates to the current pandemic.

Finally, in these difficult times and during this period of great instability, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your loyal support and precious collaboration. As always, we are convinced that together, we will make a difference and overcome this ordeal.