A donation resulting in the creation of ten postdoctoral fellowships

Published on octobre 6, 2020

The Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the Université de Montréal is proud to highlight the exceptional commitment made by Power Corporation of Canada to IRIC’s student community.

Dedicated to supporting the next generation of scientists and convinced of the amazing potential of the Institute’s young investigators, Power Corporation of Canada will be awarding a sum that will lead to the creation of two fellowships per year for five years, entitled “Power Corporation of Canada Next Generation of Scientists Postdoctoral Fellowships”. As a result, the student awardees will be able to tackle their research work which will involve various aspects of cancer research, such as: understanding normal and disturbed cell and molecular mechanisms in cancer, discovering new biomarkers, developing prediction and diagnostic tools, identifying potential targets and molecules with therapeutic powers, etc. All of these efforts will make a real difference in the research landscape, for the benefit of all those who are fighting cancer.

The competition will be launched in April of 2021 and the winners of this year are scheduled to be announced in the fall of 2021.

“Power Corporation enthusiastically supports IRIC’s work and its student community. Their work directly contributes to the advancement of cancer research and to training the next generation of top-level scientists”, points out Paul C. Genest, Senior Vice-President of Power Corporation of Canada.

The IRIC community is extremely grateful for this support to its students. The curiosity and determination of IRIC’s young investigators are crucial elements for enabling us to continue our mission. Would you too like to make a difference by becoming an ambassador for cancer research? For more information, please contact Anne Lebel (