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2021 World Cancer Day: Help us vanquish cancer!

Published on February 4, 2021

February 4 is World Cancer Day. Every year, it’s a day that is celebrated all over the world to highlight the incredible advances in cancer research that help save more and more lives and create undeniable hope. In memory of those we love who have left us too soon or in honour of those who are currently fighting the disease, let’s all highlight this Day, the progress that we have made and the progress left to be made.

At IRIC, we boldly contribute to fighting this scourge. Our exceptional donors, our friends and our partners tirelessly work together with our investigators towards a common goal: to better understand and cure cancer. To achieve different and concrete results, IRIC is charting unknown territory and blazing its own trail.

Since it was founded, the Institute has made great strides: its investigators have created new molecules, searched through junk DNA, are working on therapeutic cancer vaccines, on electronic nanocircuits through which cells travel in order to detect leukemia, are studying cancer genetics using fruit flies… Along with the new advances that are gradually emerging thanks to the infinite potential of artificial intelligence.

Thanks to you, IRIC has been able to get off the beaten track and make promising discoveries over time. The way to vanquish cancer is by doing things together and by being bold.

On World Cancer Day, please donate boldly and generously. 100% of your donations will go directly to research:

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On this symbolic day, IRIC gave the floor to a few of its precious philanthropists who delivered powerful testimonials.

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