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Two IRIC students receive grants from the Cole Foundation

Published on June 23, 2021

Two IRIC students have been recognized by the Cole Foundation, each receiving a grant to support their research on cancer for the 2021-2023 period.

Congratulations to:

  • Juliette Humeau, Postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of C. Perreault; Project title: Molecular definition of cancer peptides cross-presented by dendritic cells;
  • Louis Theret, Postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of P. Roux; Project title: Characterization of acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (AMKL) to identify novel cell-surface antigens as potential druggable targets.

The awards offered provide $45,000 per year for a period of two years.

The Cole Foundation provides grants to clinical fellows, postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students to promote research in the areas of pre-leukemia, leukemia, lymphoma and other leukemia-related diseases in children and young adults. The Foundation also promotes research in the area of clinical care development for patients with these immunosuppressive diseases.

Applications are evaluated by a committee of experts to assess the relevance of the mandate in relation with the Foundation’s mission, the academic and scientific excellence of the application, the quality of the host laboratory and the coherence of the research program with the priorities of the host community.

The entire IRIC community joins in offering its sincere congratulations to both recipients.