IRIC adopts new guidelines for the payment of Master’s and doctoral scholarships

Published on February 16, 2023

In the current inflationary context, IRIC adopted in January 2023 new measures to improve the living and working conditions of its student community. With the cost of living having increased over two decades, and particularly in the last two years, the new guidelines adopted by IRIC will help reduce the financial stress of its student community and provide a healthier climate in which to conduct studies.


Recognizing the important role played by IRIC students

“By increasing the amounts of the scholarships, IRIC recognizes the essential contribution of its student community to the advancement of research,” says Sébastien Carréno, Director of the Cellular Mechanisms of Morphogenesis during Mitosis and Cell Motility Research Unit and Director of Academic Affairs at IRIC.

Adjusted annually since 2013 for the doctorate and since 2019 for the Master’s, the amounts of the scholarships were increased by 6% in January 2023 in order to compensate for the inflation of the last twelve months. Master’s scholarships have thus increased from $22,000 to $23,370, and doctoral scholarships from $24,125 to $25,578. The amounts will also be increased automatically every September 1st, based on the previous year’s inflation.

Training the next generation of scientists is one of IRIC’s missions. “The efforts made to improve the living conditions of our students contribute to making IRIC an attractive environment for graduate studies in biomedical research,” says Julie Mantovani, Manager of IRIC’s Academic Affairs.

The adoption of the new guidelines was made possible by the joint work of the Academic Affairs team, the graduate studies committee, the student association, the scientific assembly and IRIC’s directors.