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The Biophysics/NMR Core Facility provides a cutting-edge solution in NMR spectroscopy with particular emphasis on experiments based on the investigation of protein structure, protein-ligand interactions and routine small molecule analysis.

Michael Osborne
Phone (office)
(514) 343-6111, ext. 0534
(514) 343-7780

Services offered:

  • Analysis of samples using NMR and analysis of spectra
  • Access to in-house scripts to aid the analysis of NMR data
  • User advice and training in:
    • Incorporation of stable isotopes and purification of proteins
    • Developing strategies for structure determination of proteins and small molecules, and investigation of protein-ligand complexes
    • Processing and interpretation of NMR spectra
    • Use of software to generate 3D structures from NMR study data
    • Automated acquisition of spectra for small molecules
      • 1D spectra of nuclei ranging from 15N to 31P, including 1H
      • 2D spectra, including COSY, NOESY, ROESY, HSQC, HMQC, HMBC, H2BC experiments
  • Implementation of NMR experiences for the assignment and structure determination of proteins, including (but not restricted to):
    • Spectra for backbone assignment; HNCACB, HNCA, CBCA(CO)NH, HNCOCA, HNCO, etc.
    • Spectra for sidechain assignment; C(CO) NH-TOCSY, HC(CO)NH-TOCSY, HCCH-TOCSY, etc.
    • Spectra for production of structural restraints; 2D, 3D, 4D 15N and 13C-edited NOESY, HNHA, HNHB
  • Implementation of innovative methods for expediating NMR experiments including non-linear acquisitions and SO-FAST methods
  • Determination of dipolar couplings; IPAP-HSQC
  • Access to spectra for investigating small molecule binding to proteins; 1D and 2D STD experiments, 2D TCS experiments, 1D T1rho experiments, 2D 1H-15N HSQC titration experiments. 3D select filter-edit experiments


Bruker 600 MHz Avance III HD NMR equipped with tuneable 1H-19F QCIP 5mm cryoprobe, or 1.7mm TCI cryoprobe. A cooled samplejet samplechanger.

  • Structural biology, Chemical Biology, small molecules and Fragment based screening by NMR (libraries from Maybridge and Key Organics)

400 MHz MR Varian Automation System

  • Automated handling up to 96 samples
  • Two RF channels
  • 5mm OneNMR probe for extra 1H and 13C sensitivity
  • Capability to detect nuclei from 15N to 31P