Research Unit

RNA Engineering

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François Major’s team specializes in RNA Engineering. Its research aims to predict the tertiary structure of RNAs starting from their sequence, to model interaction networks involving microRNAS and to develop targeted therapies based on a RNA capable of blocking the proliferation of cancer cells to cure and even prevent cancer.

Research theme

In the post-genomic era, where Investigators are able to measure the level of expressions of thousands of genes in a single experiment, a quick determination and analysis of their structure and functions is essential. François Major’s team takes advantage of informatics expertise to effectively carry out those two activities.

Research objectives

François Major and his team have developed a bioinformatics platform that can analyze the data generated by the various technological tools used at IRIC. The Investigators specifically work on a series of specialized software programs on the prediction of RNA tertiary structure and microRNAs’ natural networks of interaction. They also develop a pipeline to develop artificial microARN-based therapies simultaneously targeting a set of predetermined genes. Thus, the team tries to find microRNAs capable of attacking the proliferation of cancer cells. The team also hopes to design RNAs capable of detecting the conditions leading to the development of a disease and, from its earliest stage, release therapeutic RNAs to correct the situation.

Research topics

Research team